The thematic domains of TESDO include;
  • Governance
  • Macroeconomic and Policy Issues
  • Gender mainstreaming and Poverty Reduction
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Energy and Urbanization
  • Population, Health and Education
  • Agriculture
  • Management Development

TESDO also committed to extend its efforts to provide wide-array of state-of-the-art methodological trainings and analytical solutions to both academic and social sector. TESDO employs diagnostic approach for assessing capacity-building needs and subsequently develops wide-array of potent modules of seminars / workshop / hands on training for definitive human and institutional developments.

TESDO is a regional network that is dedicated to promote high quality social sciences research to contribute towards sustainable development of the research in South Asia in general, and Pakistan in particular. TESDO focuses on strengthening the economic and social capacity of the regional community to make optimal use of existing and potential resources of the region.