Saminiars Workshops and Training Programs



Workshop Training and Seminars at TESDO

Research plays a fundamental role in the development overall society and being corresponding to best finished products which eventually turns in the overall value addition to the society. It does not cover merely particular aspect, but encompasses through all facets of skills, concepts being developed periodically by learner in due course of time. Today, at the beginning of the 21st Century TESDO is vanguard and more than poised to meet the opportunities, challenges in near and distant future. It stands out as the living symbol of enlightenment, emancipation and empowerment. Driven by the vision and determination and endowed with vast internal resources of brain power, academic diversity, infra-structural strength and inherent institutional capability coupled with remarkable resilience, is all set to assume a central position to shape the destiny of the national educational system and Society to scale new heights of excellence in the years to come. The mission of the TESDO is to achieve excellence in Professional development by providing executive Training and research consultancy, to preserve and generate knowledge, to develop and enhance human resources, to improve the quality of life and contribute to regional and national development in harmony with culture, heritage and environment. The main objectives of TESDO training unit are;

  • Provide in-depth professional education and training across, human resource development, social organization and Community Mobilization, Disaster Management, Environmental, Market development and business disciplines.
  • Develop high-potential individuals
  • Groom top managers for future leadership roles
  • Prepare to meet future Society challenges