International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research (IJEER)

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Online ISSN: 2310-5232

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Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research (IJEER) is a unique platform supervised by the internationally recognized Editorial Board which provides an opportunity to share knowledge especially for academicians and researches of the globe on contemporary issues. The IJEER receives original work on economic issues as well as on statistical and econometric issues. The IJEER publishes high quality research papers following anonymous peer review process.

Document must be unpublished. The author has to fill the copy right to ensure the originality of the article. The title page of manuscript must include abstract (not more than 250 words) with key words and JEL classifications. The manuscript for submission should be between 5000-6000 words excluding abstract, tables and references.

Managing Editor

Amjad Ali, PhD Scholar. (Applied Economics) Department of Economics, National College of Business Administration and Economics, Lahore, Pakistan

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Author(s) may submit papers electronically using following email address: